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About Us


Firstly allow us to introduce our company that is selling handpainted shoe, handpainted bag and other handpainted product.

Our motto:

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. The heart of any strong relationship is trust and to us nothing is more than the great relationship with our customer and giving happy surprise to them.

Our products mainly are all kinds of fashionable handpainted products .And time to time we develop new design and new styles for our products.

Amaze always keeps agreement and promise and holds the belief of reasonable price, good quality service, timely delivery, warmly welcomes business partner at your convenience for mutual business corporation. We are ready to serve customers with first class service.

Selling our current products is not our final target, rather to design and create the most exclusive and unique products based on market research and bring our client endless opportunities give us the biggest satisfaction.

We also wish through our products to convey the rich and beautiful information embodied in our products to everybody who sees them and shares with us the glamour of art.



Due to high demand of the unique personality and own style, Amaze Fashion was formed to provide the opportunity to own unique and stylist fashion wear. Currently Malaysian find difficulty to search and buy handpainted product. Amaze Fashion aim to become the biggest handpainted company in Malaysia.

Work Flow

Getting stock of white canvas shoes and bags from a local supplier, We transform the plain footwear and bag into funky work of art using acrylic paint. The designs come from various fashion magazines which we look up to keep in touch with the latest trends.

Amaze Handpainted product

Most of the designs can be described as cute but the main feature of the shoes is the bright and lively colours. As such, we targeted at the younger crowd.

Even then, we also have older customers who are young at heart. Most of our customers are young but there are older ones who opt for simpler designs.

The shoes and bags which are washable, are available as sneakers, flats, high cut sneakers, low platforms and formal shoes for ladies.

There are also shoes for children, type: Velcro and slip on with designs inspired by cartoons and comics.

Our design and effort are selling at affordable prices

Adult shoes are available in sizes 35 to 40, sizes for children are 22 to 34

For details, visit

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